TC Superstar Single Release Show 4/27/19

In the fall of 2017 Caden Westmoreland and I went to meet Ally Brown at a friend of her’s, who she said was starting a band and wanted to talk about starting a record label. As Caden and I were sitting inside of his Yukon trying to figure out which house was the right address for the meeting, we watched this tall, lanky guy in silver sparkling short-shorts come out of his house, pick up a sizable tree branch from his yard, and walk back inside with it as if it were part of his everyday routine. Immediately we knew that this must be the place, and upon entering were introduced to Connor McCampbell, front-man for what was soon to become the band TC Superstar. Multitasking between his tree branch crafting project and setting up for band practice, he gave us a warm welcome, and not long after took us up to his bedroom studio where he played us the newly finished song “Toyota Corolla”, from which the band gets their name.

Fast forward two years from that day to this past Saturday and TC Superstar is going stronger than ever. Seeming less like the beater Corolla I’d first pictured when listening to that debut song and more like a well-tuned 86 Trueno, the band took the stage at Swan Dive as the room buzzed with anticipation for what everyone already knew would be a great show. Dancers Francis Rodriguez and Emily DiFranco limbered-up on stage while guitarist Julio Correa set up his pedalboard and I watched as people continued to pour into the room. Keyboardist/drum machine operator Mitch Webb played the opening chord to the song “Denial”, and for everyone there the next 45 minutes were TC’s. This band’s live act is one that just keeps getting cooler the longer you look at it, with incredibly well-choreographed dances being performed by Francis, Emily and Connor that serve to perfectly accentuate the songs. (One also can’t help but notice an obvious level of cardiovascular fitness among the members of the band that rivals that of Talking Heads). At one point I stood by the door as the crowd sang along to the band’s cover of Mamma Mia, and watched as people on the street came within earshot of Swan Dive, only to start simultaneously dancing and heading toward the entrance. The band’s new single “Into You” also made its live debut that night, which was well received on both visual and auditory fronts and even had many fans singing along despite the song having just been released a few days prior. In the end, this show was like any other TC show I’ve been to; the sound was loud, the energy high and the smiles abundant among crowd and band. What more can you want?

Catch TC opening for Mac DeMarco at The Long Center in Austin on June 14th, or at one of their tour dates listed here


Words & Film Photos by Roman Parnell

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