Dude Elsberry EP Release Show 5/5/19

Here at Porchfire we’re big fans of Dude Elsberry. I’m pretty sure that up until their EP release show last week, the last time I had seen them live was over a year ago at Outer Limit Records’ Dankfest II at Eden Co-op; playing a loud and incredibly #sick set in their underwear. This spring break Caden worked their debut album Hon back into rotation while on the road, and since then we’ve both had it on repeat in anticipation of their new EP which released on May 3rd. Entitled Medium, the band’s latest release is a collection of 3 absolutely killer songs that to be honest exceeded my already high expectations leading up to this record. Produced and recorded by Nay Wilkins of Hikes and mixed/mastered by Sean Harvey of The Kraken Quartet, the production sounds noticeably more refined and compliments the tracks perfectly in what seems like a natural progression for the band in terms of both songwriting and production quality.

The band’s release show was at Cheer Up’s on May 5th, and I went with a very excited PorchFire crew to check it out. Presented by Black Flamingo Booking, the show saw support from bands such as Luvweb, Holiday Music, Skirts, and Sadie and the Ladies. Dude Elsberry had just gotten back from a tour of the East coast that week, and they played an incredibly tight set that was both energetic and right on the money as far as volume goes. From the moment the full band came in on the opener “Captain America”, I knew their 45 minute time slot was going to be too short. They played all 3 songs from the new EP though, with “Medium” being a standout track for me live. The band’s entire recorded discography sounds amazing, but Dude Elsberry’s music is kind of one of those things you need to hear live to fully get. I chalk it up to the magic of direct guitar amp → ear interaction; something you can’t quite get through headphones or car speakers. What I’m saying is, if you have the chance to go see these guys live, do it. Until then stream their stuff via Spotify or Bandcamp, and don’t forget we did a Backporch Session with them last year featuring “’Awhile” from the new EP. Yea Boii.

Words & Film Photos by Roman Parnell

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